Amber Miller

Student Services Assistant

Amber is the Student Services Assistant at Wesley House, providing maintenance and administrative support for the staff and residents, offering social services and referrals, and managing the Wesley House food pantry. She also goes to correctional facilities to speak to incarcerated youth about their options and pathways to reduce recidivism.

At a young age, Amber became institutionalized after living in behavioral camps, group homes, homeless/domestic violence shelters, correctional facilities, and alcohol/drug rehabilitation centers. After her release from custody in late 2016, following the completion of her probation, Amber enrolled full-time at San Diego City College while living in a homeless shelter with her daughter. She obtained her Associate’s Degree in Sociology and Alcohol and Drug Studies. Amber is now a resident at Wesley House, a Project Rebound student, and a Criminal Justice Major at San Diego State University. She is on course to graduate in Fall 2022 and her next step is to apply to graduate school to study Social Work.

Amber’s lived experience has given her the strength to persevere through adversity and helped her to find her passion to help others who come from similar backgrounds improve their circumstances. “Higher education was my way out,” says Amber, “it gave me another chance at life.”