Chris Scott
Board Member

As the first in my family to finish college, and an SDSU alumnus, I understand some of the difficulties students face when they don’t have the resources, financial, social, or otherwise, necessary to support them through their educational journey. I was fortunate enough to have the financial support needed to complete my undergraduate education and go on to medical school, but there were significant hurdles that I was unprepared for without guidance from an experienced parent or mentor.

I see the mission of Wesley House as providing comprehensive support to students, not just rental assistance, but social and academic support necessary to ensure success in their education and beyond. I see a strong Wesley House alumni network moving forward with graduates mentoring students and providing the fundraising base necessary to expand programs and continue the mission. I see Wesley House becoming an all-inclusive living, learning and thriving center that economically disadvantaged students are excited to be a part of and incoming students desire to join, regardless of their financial status.

San Diego State University is a fantastic university with a long history of educating San Diego’s and California’s students. Unfortunately education has become cost prohibitive for many due to rising tuition, lack of affordable housing and family obligations necessitating that they get a job and earn income rather than focus on their education. Any assistance that I can provide in making the dream of higher education a reality is worth the effort.