Lauren Sartwell
Board Member

Lauren is currently a Director at Klaros Group, a consulting firm working with financial institutions and FinTech companies to develop, implement and review regulatory compliance programs.  Lauren has spent her entire career in financial services, with a focus on regulatory compliance and audit.  Because of this work, she has a strong interest in consumer protection and financial education.

Lauren and her family moved to San Diego from the Bay Area where she was a member of the steering committee for United Way Bay Area’s Women United group. Prior to that, she lived in Des Moines, Iowa where she was active with United Way and volunteered with an organization working with women preparing for release from prison.  Her volunteer work showed her the inequities in financial and other systems that fail people when they most need a helping hand.

“I believe in the Wesley House mission,” says Lauren, “Young adults who are courageous enough to pursue an education while they are overcoming hardships like aging out of foster care or release from prison or who come from marginalized backgrounds, should not have to worry about housing and food security.“