Leslie Blanchard
Board Member

Leslie is passionate about helping people access the resources they need to be healthy physically, socially, psychologically, and emotionally; obtain training and education to find living-wage employment; discover and utilize their strengths and passions to reach their full potential and contribute to their community. She has a BS in Environmental Science, an MS in Educational Leadership and Policy, served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Armenia, and is an avid volunteer. With more than 10 years of professional nonprofit program development and management experience, she is delighted to work with others who care about helping students succeed personally, academically, and professionally. A first generation college student herself, she understands there are many barriers to student success such as access to affordable and quality housing, mental health care, food, childcare, and transportation. As a Support Specialist in the field of Career & Technical Education and Workforce Development (CTE/WD) in post-secondary education she helps students transition into community college and prepares students for the world of work.