We invite you to invest with us today as we disrupt student poverty.
Join us to empower student success!

Meeting college students’ needs.

Wesley House Student Residence provides wraparound supportive services, access to affordable housing, and food assistance to low-income college students in San Diego County.

Our vision is to provide an equitable college experience to all low-income students so they may succeed in higher education and beyond.

Find Resources

Wesley House provides resources for low-income students in need. Our on-site social worker is available for 1-on-1 appointments and to provide referrals. The Wesley House food pantry is open to all students.

Get Involved

When you get involved at Wesley House, you’re supporting student success! You can be the difference between a student dropping out to get a job so they can eat, or staying in school and getting a degree that can transform their entire life.

Affordable Housing

We are the only organization in San Diego County providing affordable supportive housing for low-income college students. We provide 1-year leases for full-time students that include wraparound services to support academic excellence.