Success in college begins with support that students can trust.

When we remove personal, circumstantial, and systemic barriers to university education, we give students what they need to persist and thrive.

Basic Needs

Food and housing are just the start when it comes to a student’s basic needs. School supplies, personal hygiene, and transportation can be just as important when it comes to student success. Wesley House helps them find what they need when they need it.

One-on-One Case Management

Many of our students lack the traditional support that comes from family and friends. Wesley House becomes that support with our in-house social worker leading the way. Students have access to academic, career, and personal counseling whenever they need it.


Wesley House students have access to mentors and tutors who can guide them on their career and academic journies, and make sure they stay on track. Workshops, seminars, and community events give students the chance to learn, network, and create their own community of support.

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