Dedicated to equity, community, and belonging.

Wesley House is firmly committed to ensuring every person feels included with equitable rights and respect for his/her/their diversity.

Since its founding, Wesley House has been and continues to be committed to working through a racial equity lens. We recognize and directly work to address the racial disparities present in our higher education system. We know that low-income, system-impacted individuals are less likely to graduate from college, and we work closely with our students to understand the barriers they experience daily.

We are committed to ending institutional racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, and all other prejudices that have no place in our society. Diversity, equity, and inclusion aren’t just values, they are our mission.

Our Commitment to You:

We will speak out when there is injustice. We will speak up for those not being heard. We will reach out to those pushed to the margins of our community and lend them our hand so they may stand proud and achieve their potential, goals, and self-defined success.

50% of our student residents are formerly homeless.

Inside Wesley House

We endeavor to operate through a racial lens whenever possible. Our board of directors and leadership participate in DEI training sessions every month. 43% of our board identifies as BIPOC, a number we actively work to expand. 50% of our staff comes from the communities we serve.

Listening to the Voices of Our Communities

All of our programs and services are developed with direct input from those we serve with an emphasis on relevance, resonance, and cultural sensitivity. Wesley House actively solicits feedback, suggestions, and recommendations from our clients and the community experts who work closest with those we serve so that we may meet existing and emergent needs while gaining a deeper understanding of the systemic barriers encountered by our students.

Whenever possible, we staff our office with members of the community we serve. Currently, two of our four full-time staff members have lived expertise related to our clients. We know that when our staff comes from the communities we serve, we obtain a more equitable outlook and a deeper understanding of the diversity that makes our city so beautiful.