Wesley House knows that we have the tools to end college hunger.

Food security is about more than just having enough to eat. It’s about removing barriers and ensuring everyone has the resources they need when they need them.

The Wesley House Food Pantry

Food Pantry

We begin by supporting students’ immediate needs. This most often begins with having enough nutritious food so that they may focus on their studies and not on how they are going to eat tomorrow.

Student workshop at Wesley House

Holistic Support

Wesley House takes a holistic approach to food security by providing food assistance supported by expanded support and resources. Through our pantry, students gain access to additional services that support positive outcomes for personal, professional, and academic goals.

Public Assistance Support

Long-term security requires immediate and sustainable stability. Public programs such as CalFresh/SNAP, MediCal, and Pell Grants are the best tools we have to get students the assistance they need to keep them on their feet through graduation.

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