New Year, New Goals

Gratitude: The Nordson Corporation Foundation
October 26, 2018
Nordson Supports #StudentSuccess
March 22, 2022

Our residents had the opportunity to start the year by creating vision boards and highlighting their goals for 2022! A vision board is a visual representation of a person’s dreams and goals. It’s a powerful way to make your vision tangible and achievable. And, our residents have some amazing goals for 2022! We’d like to share a few with you, our donors, supporters, friends, and families:

Waverly: My main goals are to graduate in the Spring from my MFA program, and to put more emphasis on self-care and being balanced.

Colleen: My goal is to do things with passion and to embody each and every day because you never know what is going to happen.

Destiny: I’d like to get a house and dedicate more time to self-care.

Carson: My goal is to deal with stress better and just really enjoy my life.

Trinity: I want to enjoy post-college life, travel more, and continue my self-care and healing.

Kat: My goal is to graduate and then relax and take a chance to breathe.

Aguek: My goal is to keep things simple, have more patience, and continue to grow and become a better man.

Elisha: I want to learn how to cook, be more creative, and rekindle family relationships.

We’re excited to continue to support our students as they realize their dreams and aspirations! We invite you to join us in removing barriers to student success by making a contribution of your time, treasure, or expertise. You can learn more at