Student Services Coordinator

Sagal was born and raised in San Diego. Her family came to America in 1994 as refugees and has since made San Diego their home. Sagal grew up minutes away from San Diego State University in the City Heights neighborhood. Growing up in City Heights has made Sagal appreciative of different cultures. Transitioning from a diverse high school like Crawford to a white-dominated school like SDSU was a culture shock. Her experience navigating through higher education with no prior experience has inspired her to join the social work profession. Sagal wants to make college more accessible to those like her and break down barriers that prevent students from continuing down the path of a college education. 

Sagal Abdullahi is a graduate of San Diego State University earning a Bachelor’s in Social Work with a minor in Counseling and Social Change. Sagal returned to SDSU to receive a Master of Social Work with a concentration in Direct Practice. She is a first-generation college student and is the daughter of immigrants. Her struggles in higher education have pushed Sagal to pursue a career working with college students from diverse backgrounds to attain their degrees. Sagal started at Wesley as an MSW intern and has since been promoted to Student Services Coordinator. In her spare time, she volunteers at her local mosque mentoring adolescents and organizing events. Sagal also works as a Community Organizer with MAS Pace, collaborating with local organizations to uplift her community.